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The boiler was showing an F1 fault code. After re-setting, it attempted to go through the ignition sequence but consistently failed. After 5 attempts it locked out, showing the F1 fault code again.

The Ultracom hxi Installation and Servicing Instructions are good on this fault. They list a string of possibilities:

Gas tap closed or low gas pressure or incorrect gas valve adjustment.

Electrical connector to gas valve or electrical connections to igniter or ignition leads loose, disconnected, damaged etc.

Broken, faulty or wrongly positioned electrode.

Blocked air inlet, blocked flue outlet, flue duct leaking.

Earthing connection loose or disconnected.

Condensate blocked.

The list seems a bit daunting but it’s quite easy to check most of it through.

The boiler gas tap was open. It’s worth checking too that the emergency control valve at the meter (ECV) hasn’t been closed. Since gas valve adjustment can’t be checked till the boiler is running we left that out.

All our electrical, igniter and ignition lead connections seemed tight and good except one; the earth connection was very loose and not very clean. We cleaned, tightened and re-fitted it. This was probably significant.

The electrode ceramic seemed sound and the electrode position was fine.

Air inlet and flue outlet looked OK but we couldn’t check it completely without stripping it down.

The condensate trap was cracked and dripping slowly so we changed it but we don’t think this was contributing the F1 fault. The drain was free.

The burner door seal and the small oval heat exchanger inspection port seal showed clear signs of leakage (staining and rusting of mild steel panels caused by condensation of water from flue gases). We removed the burner and replaced these gaskets with new, current gaskets.

Leakage of flue gases from these gaskets causes vitiation of combustion air and was a likely part of the problem.

After these checks and changes the boiler ran perfectly.

Since the British Gas BG 330 boiler is based on the Glow-worm Ultracom hxi boiler, the faults above would apply equally to the BG 330 boiler.

The fault-finding charts in the Ultracom hxi instructions are much better than the fault-finding charts in the BG 330 instructions.

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Glow-worm Ultracom hxi Gas Boiler Faults, Problems and Fault Finding

Glow-worm Ultracom hxi boiler showing F1 fault code

This fault also occurs with the British Gas BG 330 boiler which is based on the Ultracom hxi

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